8 Common E-Commerce Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019


Do you know, your web design can break or make your company’s goals. There are many websites that fail to deliver the desired ROI only because of the mistakes in website design.

The competition in the industry and the rise new advertising strategies have made the need for serving customers 24 hours important. luckily the internet is here to save us since the internet has become the largest channel for communication.

E-commerce websites help us to reach customers 24 hours. Our business gets a good exposure through E-commerce websites and thereby good ROI.

But if you really need to win in the competition you need to be stand out from the crowd particularly while considering the design of your website.

You need to be aware of the common pitfalls that can happen in the design. In this article, we drive your attention through the common mistakes happen while designing an E-commerce website.

Slow loading website

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wait long for an image to load. Then how will it felt for a customer who is very busy and not patient enough to wait for the product to load?

Studies show that 30 percent of conversions fail to do the high loading speed of the website.
Slow loading website

Poor Image Quality

Whenever we go shopping in a mall or a retail shop, we have the facility to touch and feel the item. We can feel the size, weight, color and even smell of the product. But is it really possible this in the E-commerce way of purchasing? 

In the E-Commerce way of purchasing it lacks the facility for touch and feel the product. The only way is to convey the details is through the detailed image of the product. But many designers make a mistake by uploading low-quality images to the website which makes the customers frustrated and thereby moving to another website. Even if your products are good and you provide it for low cost, you will not be able to deliver that feeling to the customer.

Lack of understanding your USP

As said before in the E-Commerce way of purchasing it lacks the facility for touch and feel the product that you are selling. Improving the in-store experience is the only solution for this. But many designers don't have the exact knowledge of the USP of their product.

 Understanding the product in detail and expressing it on the website is a very important point while designing the E-commerce website.
Lack of understanding your USP
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Long Checkout Process

Even though it is one thing that that cannot be avoided just in the designing process, the designer can contribute much to reduce the complicated checkout process.
Long Checkout Process

Not Mobile Friendly design

Who is going to sit at a desk and open the computer to purchase a product? Everything is on mobile know. Then what happens if your E-commerce site is not mobile friendly and it can’t perform well in a mobile device. 

That will be a great mistake form the designing side since there will be 70 percent of loss in conversions if the site is not mobile friendly. 

The mobile-friendly design is one thing that many digital marketing companies suggest while coming to user-friendliness and SEO.
Mobile Friendly design

Adding No Logo

Logo of your business is the only thing the customer reminds about your brand while searching for the product next time. 

Some designers make a mistake by skipping to ad the brand logo on the website.

Too Much Navigation Options

It will be counterproductive if you implement a lot of design ideas that gloom on your mind. Don't make the customers confused while purchasing a product. 

User-Friendly website navigation is always necessary to make the shopping experience more convenient.

Choosing a poor color scheme

While designing the layout of your E-commerce website, you need to stick to your unique color scheme. 

As we know all the major E-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart have there owned a unique color scheme. 

Like in the case of the logo the color and feel of the website is one thing that the user remembers when he searches for the product next time.
Choosing a poor color scheme
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Final Thoughts

You need to learn from your mistakes to thrive in the competition and to stand out from the crowd. I just discussed only a few common mistakes but these may be helpful if keep it in mind while designing the next one. 

In case you know more about E-Commerce Design welcome to share them by commenting below!

Author Bio
Bonny Baby is a digital strategist and marketing technologist at Webdura Technologies - Digital marketing company in Kerala. He's into technical SEO, emerging technologies, and brand building.


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